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Requires an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 4.0 and above.

Write Now
Whether it's a grocery list, your next great idea, or just some random stuff you don't want to forget, ScatterBrain let's you store it fast.
Simple Organization
Create your own system by color coding, labeling and arranging thoughts.
Quick Overview
Task focused design lets you see more at once without unnecessary taps.

Remembering important thoughts is easy with ScatterBrain reminders. Set it and you won't forget it.
Quick Copy & Paste
One tap copies your thought to the clipboard. One tap pastes clipboard contents into a thought. Fast and simple.
Search for long lost memories quickly with the remember bar.

Order your thoughts the way you want to.
Swipe To Delete
Don't like an idea anymore? Done with a thought? Simply swipe on it to forget (delete).
Landscape Keyboard
Prefer a little more space when typing? Take advantage of landscape keyboard support.

Auto Bullet
Create lists lightning fast with the new auto bullet feature.
Share By Email / SMS
Quickly share thoughts with friends by email or text message.
Backup and restore all your thoughts FREE online! Signing up takes less than a minute. Don't want to? Don't have to.

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